The hype started for Top Gun: Maverick immediately after the world premiere screening during CinemaCon.
It isn’t just that the summer movie season is here but I am entering another week of May where the large majority of my reviews are already scheduled…
I ended the month of April by binge-watching four seasons of Star Trek: Discovery with the first half of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds mixed into the…
Humor is subjective
Passover is starting on Friday night and for some, that means revisiting films such as The Ten Commandments or The Prince of Egypt.
The past few weeks have been a whirlwind with a trip to Los Angeles for the Critics Choice Awards and the Sony Pictures Studio Tour.
I'm disappointed in Bob Chapek
I’ll send out a formal update later today but first, I’m sorry for not updating this Substack as frequently as I’d liked. Being transgender means I am…
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